Foteviken Viking market
1st - 3th July 2011

Foteviken Viking Reservation
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Foteviken Viking reservation

Polish viking woman
Polish Viking woman with Slavic inspired dress sitting in an Oseberg chair

The yearly Viking market at Foteviken Viking Reservation is a meeting between East and West. The special atmosphere and the place in the Baltic Sea attracts Vikings from many different places

For Polish Vikings it is convenient to take the ferry to Trelleborg to come to Foteviken which is also close to the cities of Malmö and Copenhagen.

The market is open for visitors in the weekend while the handwork week before is closed to allow Vikings to be together without the curios tourists.

Foteviken Viking Reservation
The many inhabited houses make it feel like daily life in the Viking age

Even though the Vikings come from about 15 different countries the locals of Foteviken are an important part of the event. They live in the houses and know the facilities as well as the employees of the museum. It is like a festival in an old village with strangers visiting for a few days.

Viking traders
Many come here just to enjoy Viking life but business is important too. Here a Swedish trader with his Polish supplier of swords (right).

More than other markets the Foteviken Viking market is dominated by Viking dressed people. As a tourist you might feel almost "odd" dressed  arriving in jeans and t-shirt. But exactly this makes this market extra exciting to visit

This is a place where historical culture is mixed with vanilla ice-cream and digital cameras.

In 2011 the market is held in the weekend of 1st - 3rd July. Many vikings arrive days earlier for the Foteviken Viking Week in which starts already at the 28th of June. On Thirsday evening there will be a memorial ceremony to remember dead friends at the by the Hola stones. The market is open to the public Friday - Sunday

To reach the market from Copenhagen/Malmö you turn right at road E6 / 100 to Falsterbo. You turn right in the roundabout in Höllviken.

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Fotevikens Vikingareservat
Museivägen 24, S-236 22 Höllviken, Sweden
tel. (+46) (0) 40-330 800

Woman in Foteviken Viking Reservation