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Helge Ask
Viking ship, Roskilde


Viking Ship

Helge Ask Viking Ship

Dragon’s heads are often taken to be synonymous with Viking ships, but if at all, only the warships sported them, and possibly they were only mounted when attacking.

The Helge Ask is a warship, albeit a small one, and it is probably the most beautiful one to be seen in Danish waters. Fully painted in bright colours, and with dragon´s head and tail mounted, it gives a very vivid impression of the colourful past.

The decoration, however, is fully authentic. As always, the aim of the Viking Ship Museum has been to get as close to the original as possible in the working process as well in the ship itself, and the Vikings were certainly very fond of colours and illustrations.

Facts about the Viking ship
Type: War- and patroling ship, replica of Skuldelev 5

Minimum crew: 6 persons

Maximum persons: 30 - 40

Number of oarsmen: 26

Hight of mast: 9,5 meters

Sail area: 46,5 m2

Overall length: 17,5 meters

Weight: 2 tons + 750 kg. ballast

Width: 2,5 meters

Depth: 0,6 meters

Building: 1990 - 91

Builders: the Viking Ship Museum, Roskilde, Denmark

Owner: the Viking Ship Museum, Roskilde

Native Harbour: Roskilde, Denmark

Contact: mr. Poul Nygaard, phone (+45) 46 30 02 00


Terms of hiring: Renting is possible for groups as well as individuals for shorter trips. Courses in sailing square-sailed ships - contact the museum.