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Sif Ege
Viking ship, Frederikssund


Viking Ship

Sif Ege Viking Ship, Frederikssund, Denmark

The Sif Ege is the result of one of the longest shipbuilding projects in Denmark. As early as 1981, a circle of engaged people founded the Viking Ship Guild, and two years later, the building of a Skuldelev 3-replica began.

They went about their task with great seriousness. The ship was built from axe-cut, fresh oak planks, and the finished ship came very close to the original. Nine years later - in 1990 - the proud ship was at long last ready for launching.

The ship resides in the town of Frederikssund, which also houses the renowned Viking Plays.

Facts about the Viking ship
Type: Small trading ship, replica of the Skuldelev 3

Minimum crew: 5 persons

Maximum persons: 8 persons

Number of oarsmen: 6

Hight of mast: 10,3 meters

Sail area: 46 m2 (wool)

Overall length: 14,05 meters

Weight: 2,5 tons. excl. ballast

Width: 3,35 meters

Depth: 0,8 meters without rudder

Building: 1983 - 90

Builders: The ship’s guild

Owner: Viking Ship Guild Sif Ege

Native Harbour: Frederikssund, Denmark

Contact: mr. Torben Larsen, phone (+45) 47 31 71 84


Terms of hiring: Not possible. The ship, however, does on occasion take part in events