Viking play and court

June 2007

Friday 1.    
Saturday 2.    
Sunday 3.    
Monday 4.   23
Tuesday 5.    
Wednesday 6.     
Thursday 7.    
Friday 8.    
Saturday 9.    
Sunday 10.    
Monday 11.   24
Tuesday 12.    
Wednesday 13.    
Thursday 14.    
Friday 15.    
Saturday 16. Harder Market and Court, Holstebro, Denmark  
Sunday 17. Harder Market and Court, Holstebro, Denmark  
Monday 18.   25
Tuesday 19.    
Wednesday 20.    
Thursday 21.    
Friday 22.    
Saturday 23.    
Sunday 24.    
Monday 25.   26
Tuesday 26.    
Wednesday 27.    
Thursday 28.    
Friday 29. Viking plays of Frederikssund - first night
Viking Market at Foteviken
Saturday 30. Viking market in Frederikssund
Viking Market at Foteviken
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The Harder Market and Court is arranged by the very active Viking Group Hartr in Holstebro (North West Denmark). This market has only existed for a few years but has very fast developed to be popular.

The Viking Plays of Frederikssund are among the oldest in the world. The outdoor plays started few years after the end of World War II and has been going on since. At the first weekend of the play there is a Viking Market at the place. About 15.000 people watch the amateur acters every year. It is possible to reach Frederikssund on a daytrip from Copenhagen