Start of season for Viking Markets

May 2008

Launching of Viking Ship
Launching of af new
Viking Longship

near Roskilde

National Museum, Copenhagen
Opening of
Prehistoric Exhibition

in the National Museum in Copenhagen
Thursday 1. Ribe Viking market  
Friday 2. Ribe Viking market  
Saturday 3. Ribe Viking market  
Sunday 4. Ribe Viking market  
Monday 5.   19
Tuesday 6.    
Wednesday 7.    
Thursday 8.    
Friday 9.    
Saturday 10.    
Sunday 11. 24 meter longship is launched near Roskilde   
Monday 12.   20
Tuesday 13.    
Wednesday 14.    
Thursday 15.    
Friday 16.    
Saturday 17. Danish National Museum opens new exhibition  
Sunday 18.    
Monday 19.   21
Tuesday 20.    
Wednesday 21.    
Thursday 22.    
Friday 23. Fyrkat Play, premiere  
Saturday 24. Viking City Market in Aarhus   
Sunday 25. Viking City Market in Aarhus  
Monday 26.   22
Tuesday 27.    
Wednesday 28.    
Thursday 29.    
Friday 30.    
Saturday 31.    
Next Month

Every year the Viking market in Ribe Viking Centre is among the first markets in the summer season taking place in the beginning of May. Danish, German and Polish Vikings often are staying at the market which attracts tourists from Denmark, Germany and also the Netherlands.

The Fyrkat Play is an amateur theatre placed in the reconstructed house of the ring fortress Fyrkat near the town of Hobro in Denmark. The play continues until the 7th of June.

At the 17th of May The National Museum in Copenhagen opens a new prehistoric exhibition - including Viking age. The exhibition is financed by a donation of 4½ million Euro by the shipping company Mærsk.

Several other Viking events are taking place in May (dates will be announced later):

The iron age village in Næsby (Odense) held's a market

Hjemsted Oldtidspark (Hjemsted Prehistoric Park) held's a prehistoric market in may. Vikings are also taking part.

On the island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea the Viking farm Værfeldtsgård by the town of Aakirkeby is having its market.

The Viking City Market in Aarhus will promote the reopening of the Viking Museum in Aarhus. The market is planned to be pretty big and will be placed in the center of the old Aros (ancient name of Arhus). Just outside The Viking Museum and in front of Aarhus Cathedral and along the Aarhus River. The market is organized by VisitAarhus, Århus City Forening and Moesgaard Museum. The intention is, that the city market in Århus should be yearly. Note that Moesgård Museum is also organizing the Moesgaard Viking Moot in July.