Start of season for Viking Markets

June 2008

Hafrs Fjord Viking Market

near Stavanger
in Norway

Sunday 1.    
Monday 2.   23
Tuesday 3.    
Wednesday 4.    
Thursday 5.    
Friday 6.    
Saturday 7.    
Sunday 8.    
Monday 9.   24
Tuesday 10.    
Wednesday 11.    
Thursday 12.    
Friday 13.    
Saturday 14.    
Sunday 15.    
Monday 16.   25
Tuesday 17.    
Wednesday 18.    
Thursday 19. Hafrsfjord Viking Market, Norway   
Friday 20. Hafrsfjord Viking Market, Norway  
Saturday 21. Hafrsfjord Viking Market, Norway
Longest day
Sunday 22. Hafrsfjord Viking Market, Norway  
Monday 23.   26
Tuesday 24.    
Wednesday 25.    
Thursday 26.    
Friday 27. Foteviken Viking Market, Sweden  
Saturday 28. Foteviken Viking Market
Viking market at Lindholm Høje
Viking market in Frederikssund
Sunday 29. Foteviken Viking Market
Vikingemarke at Lindholm Høje
Viking market in Frederikssund
Premiere at the Viking Plays in Frederikssund
The Sea Stallion leaves Dublin
Monday 30.   27
Next Month

Last year the Worlds largest reconstruction of a Viking ship - The Sea Stallion from Glendalough - was sailing to Dublin. This year it will return to the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, where it belongs. It is planned to leave Dublin at the 29th of June 12am and arrive at the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde at the 9th of August. Viking markets are planned both in Roskilde and in Dublin (although the market in Dublin in still not confirmed)

The Viking Market in Frederikssund, Denmark, has is held as a start of the Viking Plays in Frederikssund. The amateur theatre has been shown every summer in the town of Frederikssund in more than 50 years. It involves hundreds of people working as volunteers.

The Viking reservation Foteviken in Sweden is having its Viking Viking Market in June. The market has an international touch with Vikings from many countries around the Baltic Sea, including Poland, Russia and Germany. Before the market there is a handwork week - closed for the public.

Hafrsfjord Viking Market in Norway is held close to Stavanger which this year is European Capital of Culture.