Nordic Viking Market in Borre
4. - 6. July 2008

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Foteviken Viking Market
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Foteviken Viking Market

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To many modern Vikings it is a special pleasure to participate in the Viking market in Borre in Southern Norway. The market has been held since 1994 - but only every second year. In 2008 it is held for the 10th time.

The market in Borre is among the largest in Scandinavia. Aprox 12.000 visitors and 500 Vikings use to come to market.

The market in Borre is known for its warm atmosphere and it also often attracts many good craftsmen and many warriors. There is a tradition for music and games. Often several Viking ships are visiting the market too.

The market takes places in Borrekaupangen - the historical Borre Park. The place Borre near the Oslo Fjord is among the most well-known from Viking age. In decorations Borre has given name to the so-called Borre Style and in Borre the Worlds first ships grave was discovered.

The place of Tjølling was in Viking age known as Skiringssal being the best known place for trade in Norway - of the same kind as Ribe, Haithabu and Birka. The place is mentioned in a description written for King Alfred of England on the basis of the telling of the businessman Ottar at the end of the 800 years.

Close to the Viking market it is possible to visit the museum Midgard Historic Centre (Midgard Historiske Senter) where it is possible to some the thousands of finds in the area.

In 2008 Nordic Viking Market in Borre is open:

Friday 4th July at 12 - 19 hours
Saturday 5th July at 12 - 19 hours
Sunday 6th July  at 12 - 18 hours

Borre is placed south of Oslo on the Westside of the Oslo Fjord. On road 19 from Horten to Tønsberg there will be signs to show direction to the Viking market.

The organizer for the market is:

Borre Vikinglag
Post-box 346
3193 Horten, Norway

For visiting the museum in Borre:

Midgard Historiske Senter
3184 Borre
Phone (+47) 33 07 18 50

Viking warriors in Borre, Norway
Both adults and children take place in the many activities of the Viking market in Borre, Norway. Photo: Svein André Svendsen